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Expert Occupational Health

Established in 2010 in the heart of London’s Harley Street, ROC Health Services currently operates from two main office, in London and Aberdeen.

We offer Clinical and Occupational Management Services on an international level, provided at one of our clinics, or when possible, at our clients site.

Our doctors are well respected physicians with extensive experience, particularly in the Oil & Gas industry and remote healthcare, as well as in repatriation services, general medicine, and various surgical specialities.

All our clients have dedicated Occupational and Clinical Lead Doctors and a Client Account Manager to ensure a smooth, efficient, and high standard service.

Why choose us?

ROC Provide an all-encompassing Occupational Health Service, to ensure we look after all your company’s needs. Have you ever been caught by the delays of the NHS, GP referral systems and waiting lists even in the private sector? At ROC – we make this process seamless.

We cover all aspects of Health, occupational as well as private healthcare, through our clinicians who are experiences practitioners, with an in-depth understanding of how the private and health systems work.

What does this mean for you?

  • Better information on an employee’s condition and the implications involved on returning to work
  • Faster turnaround of referrals and feedback
  • Reduced lost workdays
  • Same day assessments and solutions
  • Direct access to private referrals and existing health insurances
  • Better health advice

Direct access to the people who matter

  • Appointment offered within 1 hour of a request
  • Same day appointments for our contracted companies at ROC Clinics
  • Direct access to the doctor you wish to speak to when you wish to
  • Same day contact with Client Account Manager

A quality Occupational Health company that treats you like family.

Our story

ROC Health Services & ROC Private Clinic were created in 2010 by Dr Cristina Romete.

Founded on a vision of creating a healthcare company that meets the needs of individuals and employers alike, we put people first to provide the highest possible standard of care and service.

Since ROC first opened in 2010 in the heart of London’s Harley Street Medical District, we continuously reinvest in our people, facilities, and clients.

In 2014, we first opened an office in Aberdeen Scotland, specifically to meet unmet local demands in the Offshore Occupational and Private Health Sectors.

We have expanded further at this location, and 5 years since we first put a foot in Aberdeen, we are ready to expand further and challenge the existing healthcare market within the Oil and Gas Industry.

ROC currently delivers services from our clinics as well as through our UK wide network of consultants. Our consultant partners are carefully vetted, and they deliver the services in line with ROC’s Clinical Governance and Quality Commitment processes.

We’re here to help

Please get in touch for more details or to find out how ROC can help your business.

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