Health Surveillance

What is Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is a system for conducting regular checks on workers to identify early signs of ill health. Regular health surveillance can be either a statutory or non-statutory requirement within a company and is sometimes necessary to meet UK legal requirements.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance protects workers who are at an increased risk. It identifies work-related ill health at an early stage so that steps can be taken to treat a condition and prevent further damage and gives early warning that protective control measures are no longer effective.

Depending on a client’s business, it may be necessary to conduct other health checks, including fitness-for-work checks for safety critical workers and general health checks for all workers.


How Often should Health Surveillance be undertaken?

Health Surveillance should be carried out yearly unless it is advised to be carried out more often.

What Type of Health Surveillance is available at ROC?

  • Respiratory Surveillance
  • Noise Exposure Surveillance (Audiometry)
  • Hand Arm Vibration Assessments (HAVS Assessments)
  • Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Biological Monitoring
  • Skin Surveillance (Occupational Dermatitis Checks)
  • Assessments for specific groups such as pregnant women

Can ROC provide Health Surveillance at short notice?

Same day appointments can be offered

Can ROC provide Health Surveillance at employers’ sites?

ROC can provide Health Surveillance on client’s sites. This is a service that we currently provide to several clients.

What will be released to employer following Health Surveillance?

Employers will receive a certificate following the appointment.

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