Workplace Assessments

What is a Workplace Assessment?

During a workplace assessment, our staff assesses the ability of an employee to undertake his/ her duties within their specific workplace.

The assessor will make recommendations as to any adjustments required at the workplace to enable the employee to carry out his/her role.


When is a Workplace Assessment advisable?

A workplace assessment may be carried out during a return to work programme, following an injury or illness, part of a rehabilitation programme, or during a pregnancy.

What information does ROC need before a Workplace Assessment takes place?

Workplace assessments may also be used prior to any physical changes being implemented within an office/ workspace for example to obtain best advice on how these changes will impact on employee’s health and performance and what modifications may be needed.

What information will the employer get following the assessment?

Employers will be provided with a report following the assessment, in line with the consent provided, which details the recommendations and adjustments by the health professional based on the assessment that has been carried out.

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