Pre-Employment Medical

Why should an employer consider a pre-employment screening programme

A Pre-employment Medical may assist an employer and a prospective employee in several ways:

nsuring that a potential employee can carry out the proposed role

  • Identifying any reasonable adjustments necessary
  • Destination and risks at destination
  • Ensuring that there will be no adverse effect of the proposed role on pre-existing medical conditions


What should a Pre-employment Medical consist of?

A Pre-employment assessment may be carried out in the form of a questionnaire or a face to face assessment. Depending on a job role, the face to face medical may take different forms and will be discussed with the employer at engagement with ROC.

What information should an employer expect following a Pre-employment medical?

Following a pre-employment medical, employers will expect to know if their employee is fit to work in the role they are to be employed to carry out.

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