HGV Driver Medical

What is an HGV Driver Medical?

The HGV Driver Medical assesses whether the individual is fit to drive heavy goods vehicles. Due to the requirements of the job, it is vital to ensure that the driver is fit and healthy to fulfil their duties safely.


What to expect when attending an HGV Driver Medical?

  • History taking by the doctor
  • Completing the DVLA D4 Questionnaire with the doctor
  • General Physical Examination including Blood Pressure, Height and Weight
  • Eyesight Assessment
  • Urine Analysis

Does ROC undertake the Vision tests for the HGV Driver Medical?

Yes, an eyesight assessment is required as part of the medical.

What happens with the paperwork after the HGV Driver Medical?

When attending an HGV medical exam, the doctor shall complete the paperwork (DVLA D4 form) that is then submitted to the DVLA. The Doctor cannot assess whether you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle, they simply complete the D4 medical examination form. The DVLA makes the decision on whether you are fit to drive.

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