Case Management

What is a Case Management Consultation?

Case Management is an evaluation system used by most companies to improve outcomes in sickness absence, rehabilitation, work related illness/injury, and ill-health retirement. The primary goal is to restore the individual to full capacity and, if possible, effect a rapid and safe return to work.


ROC Health Services experts use several tools to assess the progress of a case and develop safe return to work strategies. We use clinical guidelines, treatment protocols, functional capacity assessments, independent medical examinations, disability duration guidelines and job analyses to reach a satisfactory conclusion (for all parties) in the shortest time-frame possible.

Case Management can also involve employee assistance programmes and can be incorporated into the wider HR and Health & Safety policy of a company. ROC has a track record in helping businesses to avoid cases progressing to more serious and lengthy difficulties.


When should a company refer for a Case Management consultation?

  • Conflicts at work
  • Under-performance
  • Mental health
  • Work related Stress
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Musculo-skeletal disorders
  • Long term disability
  • Long term sickness assessments
  • Recurrent short-term sickness absence
  • Injuries in the workplace

What are the employee’s rights in relation to this consultation and report(s)?

When attending the appointment, you will first be handed over a consent form for completion together with information on your rights in relation to medical reports prepared by GPs, consultants, and occupational health advisors. You will have the chance to read this prior to the appointment and you may ask questions regarding this before the assessment proceeds. No medical information shall be released unless you have given us permission to do so.

What should an employee and employer expect when booking a Case Management Consultation?

The ROC process for arranging case management begins when we received a request from the booking team. The client then completes our Case Management Referral Form (attached to the document) and our team then book the individual in at the requested date/time. On arrival to the clinic, the employee completes our consent form (attached to the document) before the consultation takes place. The employee’s consent is discussed at the outset of the consultation. Following the conclusion of the appointment, the consulting doctor prepares the report and it is issued in line with the consent that was given by the employee.

How soon after an appointment will you receive a report?

The medical report will be issued within 2 days of the consultation taking place.

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