Commitment & Governance

Quality commitment

Our clinics are registered with the Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) and the Care Quality Commission (England) and as such we are audited by these external organisations.

Our quality commitment begins at the top of our organisation but includes all levels:

  • The principles applicable under the Healthcare Regulations are continuously reinforced through ongoing staff training.
  • We continuously monitor what we do to ensure our standards of delivery are as high as possible. In doing so, we share our knowledge within our clinics and ensure the standards are uniform at all locations.
  • Warnings systems are in place to ensure that standards are always maintained at the highest level.
  • A system of continuous employee, client and staff feedback is in place to ensure we always keep informed and intervene early where necessary.
Commitment & Governance

Clinical Governance

We want our patients and corporate clients to receive the highest possible standard of care and service. Clinical Governance consists of a series of checks, balances and structures that ensure this is done.

Each clinic has a designated registered manager with our regulators, who work closely with the Clinical Governance leads and report to ROC Medical Advisory Committee.

How do we ensure we deliver an exceptional service?

  • Working as a team
  • Making sure our equipment and treatments are safe
  • Monitoring Standards of Care
  • Keeping informed of latest developments and incorporating these into our practice
  • Staff Training
  • Supporting patients, employees and client companies
  • Taking action to safeguard patients
  • Constantly improving

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